Nutrition counseling can help your child discover how food affects his/her body. Your child will improve his/her eating habits, increase physical activity and improve body image. 

Nutrition services at Waverly address each child’s individual needs. There is no one size fits all diet. We address children’s nutrition issues from birth through college. We believe that it is important to take into account lifestyle, culture, eating preferences, social aspects and family dynamics when creating an eating plan for your child. 



We offer nutrition therapy in many areas including Weight Management/Overweight, Food Allergies, Celiac Disease, ADHD, Underweight, Picky Eaters, General Healthy Eating, Children's Sports Nutrition and much more. Please feel free to ask about other areas we can offer your child in nutrition therapy. All services are offered in person or via FaceTime.


Group lectures can be offered at our office, your school or your home to a group of friends. A sample of topics we can cover, but not limited to, are Quick Dinners for the whole family, Introducing Solids, Picky Eaters, Healthy Lunch Packing, Eating and Body Image, and Cooking Classes for children, parents or the whole family (done in your home). If there is another topic that you are interested in please inquire. 


Our dietitian at Waverly can contribute to magazine articles, book chapters and cookbooks. She can also create health education material for doctor's offices, schools and camps.


Our dietitian can consult on a variety of different things such as planning menus for schools, planning menus for camps, and food planning for nursery schools.