Your child's assessment may be performed by one practitioner or by a collaborating multi-disciplinary team depending upon your concerns. Every assessment is tailored to the individual child to ensure optimal conditions for evaluation. 

After your child's assessment we will meet with you to thoroughly review the results and explain what it means for your child and for you as a family. We will then develop a clear road map for parents and educators with specific recommendations.



Psychoeducational evaluations are conducted to provide a comprehensive assessment of why a child may be struggling at school, at home, or socially.  In such an evaluation, we look at how a child processes information, learns, achieves academically, and thrives socially and emotionally. On average, we may spend 10-20 hours exploring your child's thinking and learning through standardized assessment tools to help understand his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Evaluations may result in a diagnosis of a specific learning disability in reading, writing or mathematics, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or a psychological disorder such as anxiety. We also conduct comprehensive developmental evaluations to detect the presence of autism spectrum disorders. At times, we test as a team, combining information gathered from our clinicians in Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Behavior therapy and/or Education. Our final product is a comprehensive report filled with actionable recommendations for your child's school team, family members and other professionals in the field.  

We also contract with local school districts in Connecticut and New York to conduct Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs).