Debra Guise, MS, CCC-SLP

I have more than 25 years experience as a speech-language pathologist working with children, specializing in the Birth to Eight population. I provide diagnostic and therapeutic services for children who present with speech and language impairments, global developmental delays, autism, emotional disturbances, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities and oral-motor feeding dysfunctions. My therapeutic treatment also is designed to improve a child's pragmatic social skills. I take great pride in providing a positive, nurturing environment and developing a supportive relationship with the child's family. I also enjoy working collaboratively with a team to aid in a child's progress if the situation calls for it. I love what I do and find it very rewarding to help children improve their overall communication skills with family, peers, teachers and anyone else in their lives. 

fun fact

I earned six varsity letters each in basketball and field hockey moving up to the high school varsity as a 7th grader in both sports. 

in my spare time

I enjoy traveling, attending concerts and Broadway shows, and watching my son compete in professional golf tournaments.


Cheryl Small Jackson, MS, CCC-SLP

For over thirty five years I have been passionate about helping infants, children and young adults find their voices, communicate more effectively with others and eat a variety of foods safely. Having parents as partners and guiding and supporting them in the journey has also been important to me. In today's hectic and fast paced world, my goal is to make my therapy space a safe haven, where you can take chances, be creative and improve speech, language and reading skills which translates into SUCCESS! I am a Teacher of The Speech and Hearing Handicapped, LSVT Certified Therapist, and a PROMPT-Certified Instructor. I also conduct national and international trainings and supervision. 

fun fact

As a child and young adult I loved expressing myself through dance. I was a professional dancer for 6 years. 

in my spare time

Practicing yoga each day and incorporating its principles both on and off the mat to maintain balance. I especially enjoy introducing my clients and family to the benefits of yoga. I am currently enrolled in a yoga teacher training program. 

Syndy Margot, MS, CCC-SLP

Since graduating from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2004, I've had the opportunity to practice as a pediatric speech-language pathologist. From working with Spanish-speaking families at a children's hospital in San Diego to servicing private schools in Switzerland, I have been able to gain exposure to a wide range of speech and language disorders while developing a deep appreciation for cultural and individual differences. I enjoy targeting social skills, reading comprehension, memory, and early language development with a fun and multi-sensory approach. My therapy is catered to the individual needs of each child and may include elements of SIPT, PROMPT, Hanen, and/or Lindamood-Bell.

fun fact

The first car I purchased was a stick-shift VW, and I couldn't drive it out of the dealership lot without stalling five times.

in my spare time

Aside from running and yoga, I enjoy jamming on my African drum and ukulele with my twins.


Danielle Pannazzo, MS, CCC-SLP

I am both a Speech-Language Pathologist and an Executive Functions coach. I strongly believe that my training in both fields significantly play a role when working towards language development and EF growth. 


I have my motorcycle's license and love riding my Kawasaki Ninja 650 all around the country. 


I am a huge foodie and love trying new restaurants, and I am a life long Rangers fan. I love being with my family and doing fun activities with my friends.

Rachel Waldstreicher, MS, CCC-SLP

I attended University of Maryland - College Park where I earned my Bachelor of Science In Hearing and Speech Sciences with a minor in Special Education. Following my undergraduate studies, I worked at a special education private school in Boston, where I developed a passion for working with school-age children. I then earned my Masters in Speech-Language Pathology at Emerson College. I have experience providing intervention for preschool, school age and high school children with a variety of diagnoses within public school districts, private schools, and private clinics in the surrounding Boston area. I have been extensively trained in Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking curriculum as well as Thinking Maps, graphic organizers that provide countless ways to break-down and organize information. I love working in a team environment that encourages communication with all participants in the child’s life.

fun fact

After High School I volunteered in Israel for the year. I taught English to Russian immigrants and worked as an EMT on an ambulance. It was an incredible experience!

in my spare time

During my spare time I love to spend time with my husband and son. We could go to the park, build forts at home or just go for a walk. Whatever we decide is always great!

Naomi Williams, MS, CCC-SLP

After completing my undergraduate degree in Biosciences in the United Kingdom and a year of travel in Australia and the Far East, my love for children and communication led me to pursue a master's degree in Communication Disorders. My passion for working with individual's with severe communication disorders has led to further training in PROMPT, Dr. Greenspan's Floor Time approach, Michelle's Gracia Winner's Social Thinking Curriculum, and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). In addition to working privately, I help coordinate an 18-21 transition program, which involves preparing young adults for life after they graduate from the school system. I love what I do and strive to create a friendly, supportive environment for my client's and their families.

fun fact

I love traveling and adventure! I traveled around the world for a year after college and enjoyed skydiving and swimming with sharks!

in my spare time

I love spending time outside with my husband and 3 children, preferably on a beach! I also love to run in my spare time.


Samara Heiman Chesler, MS, CCC-SLP

I have been a speech-language pathologist for the past 18 years working with children ages 18-months through high school years. I provide evaluations and therapeutic services for children who need intervention in such areas as apraxia, receptive/expressive language skills, executive functioning, pragmatic language, and critical thinking skills. I am PROMPT trained, and I have worked in various school settings as well as the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitative Medicine. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Art History and Communicative Disorders from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received my Masters in Speech-Language Pathology from Adelphi University.


I wrote 3 children’s books. Each one is about a child with a specific speech-language difficulty and what strategy they used to overcome their difficulties.

fun fact


I enjoy playing tennis, reading, watching movies, traveling, exercising, and spending time with my family. 

in my spare time

Aissa Headshot .jpg

Aissa Inskeep, MA, CCC-SLP

After getting my undergraduate degree at Duke University in French and Spanish, I found a way to combine my lifelong love of language and children by completing a Master’s degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Connecticut. I have been a speech-language pathologist working in this field for over 18 years. I pride myself on making therapy fun and in going that extra mile for all of my clients. I am a big team player and work hard to make sure important information is shared and successes are celebrated. I use a variety of tools including PROMPT, sign language, AAC, humor, and taking the time to use a child’s strengths most effectively to bolster areas of weakness.


fun fact

I grew up moving around every 2-3 years as a child, living in Mexico, Canada, and Africa. I speak French and Spanish fluently and am conversant in American Sign Language. I am a certified scuba diver.


in my spare time

I recently got my license as a massage therapist, so in my spare time I find it relaxing to help others relax. I also like to go on new adventures; I have been on a hot air balloon, on a bobsled ride, hiked to the top of Mount Washington and more, although not all at once!


Laura DiScala, MS/CCC-SLP

I attended James Madison University where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Special Education.  I then earned my Masters in Speech-Language Pathology at Loyola University Maryland.  I have experience providing intervention for students age 3-21 with a variety of diagnoses within public and private school settings.  I am passionate about helping children communicate effectively through fun and collaborative therapy.  I have training in PECS and PROMPT Level 2.


I have a twin brother and I studied abroad in Italy!

Fun Fact


In my spare time

I enjoy traveling, working out, and spending time with my niece and puppy!